Jeb bush says ryan gm plant mention in speech is not misleading

Fmr.Fla.Gov.Jeb bush says ryan gm plant mention in speech is not misleading, says romney would best solve immigration issuesgov.Jeb bush(RFla. )Weighs in on gop vice presidential nominee rep.Paul ryan speech at the republican national convention.John berman asks bush on point about one point that has fact checkers working hard this morning, where ryan seems to blame president barack obama for the failure of a general motors plant in wisconsin.The plant was in fact closed in 2008, when jeb brother president george w.Bush was in office.

At all, bush says.Are the words that barack obama used.It was a campaign promise and yet another campaign promise unfulfilled.Also addresses ryan mention of the bowles simpson commission in his speech, which ryan voted against.

Voted against it because he did not have any aspect of it that included entitlement reform which is the most pressing budget issue that our country faces, and the ryan budget does deal with that over the long haul.That actually put out a comprehensive plan with a budget attached to it i think is wrong, bush says.

Towards the end of the interview, bush says he thinks that if elected, mitt romney would be able to handle the immigration issue.

Think he will be a president that will try to solve our immigration problem by securing the border, but then turning this conversation into how can we create sustained economic growth by using a catalytic converter for growth in the pursuit michael kors handbags outlet of dreams, and that an immigration policy that allows people to come in legally and be able to add value and vitality to our country.President obama has had four years, two of which he had democratic control of congress where he promised he was going to have comprehensive immigration reform.He hasn even submitted it to congress, he says.

Jeb bush you trying to defend those that lie and bring mk bags uk outlet destruction to the us.Your brother, the most despicable man i ever known, he not only lied to the american people, but he is also responsible for the death of many young men killed in war.He should be tried as a killer.There was never any reason for him to take us to two wars.His bad governing was callous, hateful, and so unamerican.If you are like your brother please retire from politics, you have no place representing the us.

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